Content is King

Content is Key! A thought relentlessly drilled into every web designer and SEO consultants head from the moment they decided to cross the bridge into the online marketing world, so here are my thoughts on why there’s just so much awful content around: Ever heard the phrase; quality, not quantity? More than ever, it is essential to scale your content to make it as effective and hard hitting as possible.

We’re now in a post-Panda era where Google has effectively killed the “SEO” page through a combination of FUD and algorithm improvements, meaning we have to step up our game in terms of quality of content to ensure that the content that we do deliver can have measurable results. Content marketing has reached an all time high within the last two years, with 92% of marketers doing content marketing and a 58% of B2B marketers planning to increase their content marketing budget yearly; but many people are still asking the same question, how is it that content marketing is such a diamond in the world of internet marketing, and how comes everyone can seem to get results that I can’t touch? At some point each and every marketer has released content with the expectations of fame and fortune (okay, well… maybe not to that extent) but often find that instead of the heaving traffic, numerous links and hundreds of likes, they are left with a sour taste in their mouth when the response is well… Underwhelming. You think you’re just a little unlucky; that this is a “long term” thing, so you stick at it, you post, you create blogs, articles, but the days go by, weeks turn into months and months quickly merge into a year – reactions don’t change, and you start to think that the success stories you hear about are all illusions. Not working out like in the movies eh? Maybe it’s time to change your approach! It may seem pretty simple, but there is no miracle solution; you’re not making usable or useful content that anyone wants or cares about. It’s also pretty boring and run of the mill; remember, you’re competing with hundreds of thousands of internet marketers every single day, why would anyone care to share your post or information in particular? What is it that separates it? Quite frankly; the era of the previous SEO spinning and product description farming is dead and gone, the Panda era reigns supreme, it’s time to stop holding on to the glory era of a few years prior and get creative! Luckily for you, there are now more graphical designers than jobs to satisfy them, and the very personal traditional journalistic stance of writing is becoming ever more popular. Make your content exiting, make it unique, and diversify the type of content you publish; photos, animations, graphical illustrations, tweets, videos – all of these can be harnessed to convey information in a slightly more motivational way than the run off the mill post. Take a step back and think about what type of content your audience would love before just settling into blog posts, white papers, infographics and videos – BE THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM! Now here are a few tools that I have tried and tested and can say have helped me greatly improved the quality of the content that I have produced;

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