Local Business Listings

If you are a local business and you want a first page ranking on Google -FAST then you need to get in the ” Magic 7 Box ” on Google Places. With approximately 30% of all searches containing a local reference it is imperative that your business is showing up on the first page of Google in the ” Magic 7 Box ” These coveted top spots are the ones people, who are looking for local services, are most likely to click on before they look anywhere else on the search page.

We can see that right at the top of the search for ” Medway Plumbers ” is the Magic 7 Box – and the Map to the right shows how many ” Medway Plumbers ” there are in the search area competing for these Top 7 Spots – In fact there are OVER  100 local business’ all competing for the first page listings – Why? – Because they are amazingly powerful listings to be found in when someone is looking to spend money on a local sevice / business. Now the only way you are going to show up in these Top 7 1st Page listings is if you have your Business registered with Google in EXACTLY the right way, using secret industry techniques to give Your Business the edge over others and make Google see you as an authority in Your Field. It is Google’s Job to give its search users the very best search results it can, so that it can stay ahead as market leader in it’s field – and they spend millions of pounds each year doing that – keeping ahead of the game. It is Our Job to get our clients ranked in the ” Magic 7 Box ” – and that is exactly what we do for you. We not only will get you listed in the 7 Box for one search term – but we will get you on the First Page of Googles listings for MULTIPLE Search Terms. Look how our client absolutely DOMINATED Google’s 7 Box for Multiple Search Terms.

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